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Power your home with solar electricity made from sunlight

Make your electric meter spin backwards for NO MONEY DOWN. Every dollar you would spend on a new photovoltaic system for your home is the same dollar you'll send to the government and the electric company. It is easy and affordable to stop renting your electricity and own a machine that makes it. Take control of your energy costs and future today with great financing options.


Instead of penalizing yourself every month by sending more money to the government and electric company, make your own electricity and reuse that money to increase the value of your property and lifestyle.


Sunspot Solar Energy is located right here in Las Cruces. You may not know this but some of the best solar products in the world are manufactured here in New Mexico. Every system we install uses a New Mexico manufactured racking system. We make it easy for you go solar and keep the money here at home!


Wouldn't it be great if you had no risk in purchasing a photovoltaic system? Rather than worrying about which system will perform and actually deliver the results you expect, wouldn't it be nice if the annual system production was guaranteed just like the workmanship? Yes it would! And Sunspot guarantees the performance and workmanship of every system! So you can enjoy all the benefits of solar electricity without the worries.


When you invest in your photovoltaic system, would you like to be able to ensure that every one of those solar panels is performing as promised? Most systems only let you see the total output of your system and you have no way to monitor the health and performance of individual panels. Your PV system from Sunspot Solar Energy includes a monitoring system. You can inspect the health and performance of your system from anywhere in the world using only a web browser. Click here to see how this works. We've installed more than 700 of these systems throughout Las Cruces, so if you'd like to see more examples just contact us.


Call Sunspot Solar Energy Systems today at (575) 541-3533. We'll put Las Cruces sunshine to work generating electricity for you!

New Mexico Solar Energy and Solar Electricity  News

Solar Electricity is Affordable Now closeup of photovoltaic (solar) panel
  • Reduce or eliminate your electricity bill
  • Make your meter spin backwards
  • Reduce your contribution to pollution
  • 30% Federal incentive
  • 10% State incentive
  • El Paso Electric net-metering pays you
  • El Paso Electric REC program pays more
  • Click to Call Now and start saving


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Take control of your energy costs with solar electricity Using solar energy to generate electricity to power your home is not only affordable, it is profitable. Combining utility savings with government incentives and tax deductions, your new system could replace your utility bill with a small, fixed, tax-deductible monthly payment.

The REC program just introduced in Las Cruces helps you zero your electric bill when you produce just half the electricity you consume.This slashes your system cost in half.

Now you can get annual cash returns exceeding 10%. Contact us now, because with solar energy, you control your energy costs and your future!–but the incentives may start shrinking next year, so call now.


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